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Defence Reform and Gender (Practice Note 3)
Megan Bastick, Kristin Valasek
Police Reform and Gender (Practice Note 2)
Megan Bastick, Kristin Valasek
Gender and SSR Toolkit - User Guide
Megan Bastick, Kristin Valasek
Revisiting the State Monopoly on the Legitimate Use of Force
Alyson Bailes, Ulrich Schneckener, Herbert Wulf
Entry-Points to Palestinian Security Sector Reform
Roland Friedrich and Arnold Luethold
Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict
Megan Bastick, Karin Grimm, and Rahel Kunz
Monitoring and Investigating the Security Sector
Katrin Kinzelbach and Eden Cole
Almanac Turkey 2005
Ümit Cizre
Defence Institution Building
Wim F Van Eekelen, Philipp H. Fluri
Democratic Oversight of the Security Sector
Willem Van Eekelen, Philipp Fluri, Alain Faupin, Pàl Dunay, Can Parker, Mehmet Dülger, ?mit Cizre, ?erif Sayin
Defence Politics of Ukraine
Oleg S. Bodruk, V. Leonov, and V. Markelov
Private Actors and Security Governance
Alan Bryden, Marina Caparini