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Border Management and Gender (Practice Note 6)
Megan Bastick, Kristin Valasek
Penal Reform and Gender (Practice Note 5)
Megan Bastick, Kristin Valasek
Justice Reform and Gender (Practice Note 4)
Megan Bastick, Kristin Valasek
Defence Reform and Gender (Practice Note 3)
Megan Bastick, Kristin Valasek
Penal Reform and Gender (Tool 5)
International Centre for Prison Studies
Defence Reform and Gender (Tool 3)
Cheryl Hendricks, Lauren Hutton
Perspectives on Ukrainian Security Sector Reform
Horbulin,V.P., Fluri,P.H. & Pirozhkov,S.I.
Security Sector Reform in South East Europe - from a Necessary Remedy to a Global Concept
Anja H. Ebnöther, Ernst M. Felberbauer, & Mladen Stani?i?
Monitoring and Investigating the Security Sector
Katrin Kinzelbach and Eden Cole
Ukrainian Security Sector Reform
Philipp Fluri, Sergei Piroshkov
Democratic Oversight of the Security Sector
Willem Van Eekelen, Philipp Fluri, Alain Faupin, Pàl Dunay, Can Parker, Mehmet Dülger, ?mit Cizre, ?erif Sayin