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Guidelines for Intelligence Oversight for parliamentary committees in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia
Teodora Fuior, Magdalena Lembovska, Wouter de Ridder, Prof. Julian Richards Peter Gill (External Review), Josip Spec (Editorial Support)
Tool 8: Integrating Gender in Security Sector Reform and Governance
Aisha Fofana Ibrahim, Alex Sivalie Mbayo, Rosaline Mcarthy
Teaching Gender in the Military: a Handbook
Bojana Balon, Anna Björsson, Tanja Geiss, Aiko Holvikivi, Anna Kadar, Iryna Lysychkina, Callum Watson
Monitoring and Investigating the Security Sector
Katrin Kinzelbach and Eden Cole
Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector
Hans Born, Philipp Fluri, Anders Johnsson
Making Intelligence Accountable
Hans Born, Ian Leigh