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Trust Fund for North Africa



In 2011, an outburst of Arab popular discontent placed the various national security organizations and their practices in the spotlight. Ever since, reform of the police, security forces, the defence forces and the intelligence organizations has become key to ensuring the success of democratic transition. Several countries in North Africa realize that restoring public trust in the state requires restoring trust in those state institutions, which have the responsibility to protect the citizens.  Some countries in the region realize that making  security and justice organizations  more transparent, accountable, and respectful of human dignity,  helps reduce popular grievances, and hence violence and extremism.

In response to these developments, a group of DCAF member states established in 2012 the Trust Fund for Security Security Sector Development Assistance in North Africa (TFNA). The purpose of the TFNA is to assist legal and institutional development in the justice- and security sectors in countries of North Africa. Combining speed, flexibility and efficiency, the TFNA is prepared to respond to requests for assistance from Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. The current TFNA members are Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovak Republic, Sweden and Switzerland.

The TFNA funds all DCAF activities in North Africa.