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In the wake of Libya’s revolution, the Libyan authorities sought DCAF’s support for reforming the country’s justice and security sector institutions. Despite a very difficult operational context, DCAF maintains a dialogue with all parties to the conflict in Libya’s civil war in order to develop a consensus on the direction of reforms and lay the solid groundwork for future reforms.  

DCAF maintains an online legal database with over 1,150 Libyan security sector laws, in Arabic and English, in order to assist the legislative development.  DCAF also works with the Libyan prison authorities and Libyan civil society organizations in order to implement changes which will improve both the treatment of detainees and the conditions of detention.

DCAF also established an online observatory, Marsad Libya,   which monitors press reports in Arabic and English on Libyan security sector developments.  The website offers regular updates on security sector news, analyses and reports, and stimulates an inclusive and informed debate on the future of Libya’s security sector.