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Intelligence Reform



Intelligence and security services are an integral part of the security sector, and – when subject to democratic control, effective oversight, and the rule of law – they can make a valuable contribution to the provision of security and protection of human rights.

DCAF Programming focuses on strengthening legal and institutional frameworks, and capacity, for more effective oversight and control leading to more accountable and effective intelligence and security services. 

Our partners include parliaments, judicial institutions, ministries, intelligence and security services, regulatory and expert oversight, and control bodies, civil society, media and international actors.

Story of Change: Intelligence Reforms in North Macedonia 

Having lived a life in secrecy, unreformed for decades and suspected of being used as a tool against political opposition, the secret services of North Macedonia are gradually being subjected to more external oversight and judicial controls. And as a result, slowly becoming more transparent.

This 30-minute Story of Change Documentary takes you behind the scenes and describes achievements and challenges as of 2021 linked to recently initiated Government-led reforms - a process DCAF has contributed to since early 2018.

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