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Guide to Integrating Gender in SSR Training



Megan Bastick, Kristin Valasek



The Gender and SSR Training Resource Package is designed to provide you with a wide range of exercises, discussion topics and examples from the ground that you can adapt and integrate into your SSR training. In addition to having a specific exercise or session on gender and SSR, taking a few moments to look through this guide can help you to mainstream gender issues throughout your training. It provides practical tips on integrating gender into the entire SSR training cycle—from conducting a training needs assessment to monitoring and evaluation.

This guide is explicitly designed for SSR trainers and educators. Gender trainers working with the security sector will also find the content useful. As short-hand, the guide refers to “SSR training”, however, this is broadly defined to include training related to police reform, penal reform, security sector governance and oversight, border management, defence reform, justice reform, national security policy-making, etc.


Step 1: Assess and analyse training needs
Step 2: Develop learning objectives
Step 3: Design and develop the training
Step 4: Implement the training
Step 5: Monitor and evaluate the training