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November 4, 2020 | 5:00 - 6:15 PM (CET)

The role of security and security providers in the conflict to peace transition: perspectives from Colombia and Yemen

This Geneva Peace Week panel organized by DCAF and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs explores how security sector reform and governance may inform and thus enable peace negotiations, by allowing conflict parties to feel more confident in making concessions towards building peace.

In Yemen efforts to broker a peace agreement in the ongoing conflict have yielded little progress so far. The side-lining or simple neglect of security concerns, and the exclusion of security actors as part of the dialogue, are among the underlying factors of this failure. Major General Abdo Altareb (Phd), former Minister of Interior of Yemen, will discuss the security issues that undermine the progress towards peace in his country. 

The Colombian case will focus on the role of security institutions in the post-agreement implementation phase, looking at the good practices and lessons learnt from Colombia’s police unit for peacebuilding (UNIPEP), which was founded in the context of the country’s historic and inclusive peace agreement with the FARC-EP. UNIPEP was created with the vision of establishing a non-traditional police unit that would serve as a peacebuilding agent. On this topic, Major General Alvaro Pico, former director and founder of UNIPEP, will lead a discussion on the role of police institutions in addressing the root causes of armed conflict and supporting the transition to peace.


     - Thomas Guerber, Director of DCAF 

     - Stéphane Rey, Minister and Deputy Head of the Human Security Division of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

     - Abdo Altareb, Former Minister of Interior in Yemen and current lecturer at the Yemen Police Academy

     - Álvaro Pico Malaver, Mayor General at the National Police of Colombia

     - Cristina Hoyos, Head of the Latin America and Caribbean Unit of DCAF

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