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Rohit Karki

Project Officer, Asia-Pacific Unit

Rohit Karki is a Project Officer in the Asia-Pacific Unit at DCAF.

Rohit is involved in the management and implementation of the Asia-Pacific Unit’s activities in South Asia, including the maintenance of a network of national partner institutions and experts covering the South Asian sub-region.

Prior to joining DCAF, Rohit worked for ten years on security sector governance and peacebuilding issues, while working in NGOs, academic and policy institutes in Nepal. Rohit has extensive experience in managing and coordinating post-conflict peacebuilding projects, focusing on child soldiers’ reintegration and enhancing good governance in the security sector, while working closely with state security actors (particularly the Nepali police and armed police forces) and non-state actors (ex-Maoist combatants, including child soldiers and other armed groups). In 2017 Rohit participated in the ‘Study of United States (SUSI) Scholars Program on US National Security Policymaking’ at the University of Delaware.  He has also taught courses in the fields of international relations and security studies at Tribhuvan University, Nepal and is the author of various publications on small states’ security and foreign policy challenges in international affairs, with a focus on Nepal.

Rohit received his MA in Asian Studies from the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra (2011), with a thesis on “The Double Edged Sword: The Role of Nuclear Weapons in South Asia”. In 2006 he graduated from St. Xavier’s College in Kathmandu with a BA in Social Work.