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Compilation of Reference Texts - Palestinian Media Legislation and Security Sector Governance
Munjed Abdallah, Khaled Abu Aker, Azzam Abu Baker, Taghreed Abu Hamdah, Majed Arouri, Roland Friedrich, Pascal Gemperli, Regula Kaufmann, Jonas Loetscher, Arnold Luethold, Nicolas Masson, Salah Moussa
Palestinian Women and Security: A Legal Collection
Stephanie Chaban, Roland Friedrich, Pascal Gemperli, Regula Kaufmann, Jonas Loetscher, Arnold Luethold, Abeer Mashni,Nicolas Masson, Samar Nasr, Garance Stettler
Security Sector Reform in Ukraine: Quo Vadis?
Philipp Fluri, V.G. Radetskiy
Compilation of Reference Texts - Community Safety and Security Sector Governance
Roland Friedrich, Regula Kaufmann, Jonas Loetscher, Abdallah Mahmoud, Nicolas Masson, Omar Rahhal
Policing in Federal States
Philipp Fluri, Marlene Urscheler
Comparative Perspective of Ombudsman Institutions for the Armed Forces
Hans Born, Aidan Wills and Benjamin S. Buckland
Genre et sécurité au Mali
Fatimata Dicko-Zouboye, Kadidia Sangaré-Coulibaly
The Security Sector Legislation of Ukraine - 2008-2010 Updates
Hüseyin Diriöz, Philipp Fluri, Anatoliy Grytsenko
From Conflict to Peace in Nepal - Peace Agreements 2005-2010
Izumi Wakugawa, Prawash Gautam, Anil Shrestha
Reference Text Reader - Access to Information and Security Sector Governance
Khaled Abu Aker, Azzam Abu Baker, Taghreed Abu Hamdah, Mahmud Alawneh, Majed Arouri, Prof. Bertil Cottier, Roland Friedrich, Pascal Gemperli, Regula Kaufmann, Jonas Loetscher, Arnold Luethold, Nicolas Masson, Salah Moussa, Said Zaid
Cyber Security: The Road Ahead
Fred Schreier, Barbara Weekes, Theodor H. Winkler
Collective Security Treaty Organisation: 2002-2009
Anatoliy A. Rozanov, Alena F. Douhan
Palestinian Public Perceptions of Security Sector Governance
Riccardo Bocco, Luigi de Martino, Arnold Luethold
Government Change and Security Sector Governance: Palestinian Public Perceptions
Roland Friedrich, Arnold Luethold, Luigi De Martino
Politics, Security and the Barrier: Palestinian Public Perceptions
Riccardo Bocco, Luigi De Martino, Roland Friedrich, Jalal Al Husseini, Arnold Luethold