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The Complaint-Handling System and Civilian Oversight of the Palestinian Security Sector
Mahmoud Alawna, Nora-Elise Beck, Vlatko Cvrtila, Fatima Itawi, Sasa Jankovic, Arnold Luethold, Frederic Maio, Felix Tusa
Working Paper: The Compliance of Palestinian Security Legislation with the UN Convention against Corruption
Regula Kaufmann, Arnold Luethold, Eman Redwan, Felix Tusa, Zoltan Venczel
Mapping the Palestinian Complaints-Handling System
Abdelhadi Al-Barghouthi, Nora-Elise Beck, Fatima Itawi, Ali Karakra, Regula Kaufmann, Arnold Luethold, Nicolas Masson, Jane Rice, Kamel Rimawi, Majed Saleh, Felix Tusa, Zoltan Venczel
Assessing Community Safety in the Governorate of Jenin
Mirvat Afeef, Wafa’ Afeef, Sana’ Badawi, Hassan Fheid, Peter Homel, Fatima Itawi, Regula Kaufmann, Arnold Luethold, Nicolas Masson, Omar Rahhal, Jane Rice, Zoltan Venczel, Rabee’ Yassin, Dia’ Zgheibi
Training needs assessment report: Strengthening Financial Oversight Institutions in the Palestinian Security Sector
Intisar Abu Khalaf, Regula Kaufmann, Arnold Luethold, German Reyes Suarez, Jane Rice, Zoltan Venczel