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Collective Security Treaty Organisation: 2002-2012
Anatoliy A. Rozanov, Alena F. Douhan
The Security Sector Legislation of Ukraine 2013
Anatoli Grytsenko, Marcin Koziel, Andrey Yermolaev, Philipp Fluri
Challenges Facing Arms Export Control in Ukraine and the Russian Federation
Lydia Amberg
Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies
Perspectives on Ukrainian Security Sector Reform
Horbulin,V.P., Fluri,P.H. & Pirozhkov,S.I.
Security Sector Reform in South East Europe - from a Necessary Remedy to a Global Concept
Anja H. Ebnöther, Ernst M. Felberbauer, & Mladen Stani?i?
Defence Politics of Ukraine
Oleg S. Bodruk, V. Leonov, and V. Markelov
The Security Sector Legislation of Ukraine 2016
J. Colston, P. Fluri and S. Piroshkov