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Research Activity: Tracking the Development Dividend of SSR

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Tracking the Development Dividend of SSR

Project supported by the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA)

Security sector reform (SSR) is expected to improve both security and development in societies that experience various forms of economic, political and security transitions.Despite the lack of a strong empirical basis, the supposed “security-development nexus” is often seen as a dynamic that produces security and stability as favourable conditions for sustainable development, and vice versa. The presumed SSR-security-development dynamic thus constitutes a weak basis from which to establish convincing, empirically-based conclusions about the symbiotic relationship between security provision and sustainable development. 

This project aimed at investigating and substantiating the assumed relationship between SSR activities and their impact on development prospects in order to reconcile the apparent impasse between development and SSR practitioners. Understanding the linkages between SSR and development would allow the researchers to generalise and produce comparable data necessary to assess and improve the suitability of SSR in helping societies achieve their development and peacebuilding objectives. This project also aimed to develop a shared database that would allow users to save information for their own research needs and facilitate the design and implementation of development-sensitive SSR initiatives.