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Police Integrity


This course aims to provide participants with an introduction to the issue of police integrity. It is based on the DCAF publication “The Toolkit on Police Integrity” that can be downloaded here. This course introduces the participant to key principles and issues that surround police integrity, including organisational culture, strategic assessment, capacity building, and internal and external oversight.

The course is aimed at police leadership and management and provides assistance on how to develop and maintain police services that function with integrity. As part of this, it also provides advice on how to identify and address corruption within the police.

The online course is structured into five lessons:

  • Introduction to Integrity
  • Integrity, Environment, and Organisation
  • Supporting Police Officers Facing Ethical Questions         
  • Capacity Building Tools and Instruments
  • Control and Oversight

Police Integrity can be found on the ISSAT Community of Practice and can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Police Integrity