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Mainstreaming gender equality and human rights in the security sector

Project contact

Project overview

DCAF aims to assist governments, military and police with addressing discrimination and strengthening the role of women in the security sector. The 2015 – 2017 Gender and Justice Project identified gender inequality as a root cause of domestic violence (DV), sexual and gender-based harassment (SGBH) and gender bias (GB). The project was made up of four complementary thematic components:

•Gender Trainer Development

•Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy Implementation

•Domestic Violence Benchbook Institutionalization

•Gender Bias Curriculum Development

Key Resources

•Practice Guide: Domestic Violence

•Survivors Speak: Reflections on Criminal Justice System Responses to Domestic Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

•Gender and the Judiciary: The Implications of Gender within the Judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina

•Gender and the Judiciary: Selected findings and recommendations on the implications of gender within the judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina

•Judicial Benchbook: Considerations for Domestic Violence Case Evaluation in Bosnia and Herzegovina