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6 November 2018

#GPW18: Peace Operations from the Ground Up - Challenges and Successes

When: 1615-1730

Venue: Maison de la Paix, GCSP Conference Rooms

Peace Operations function in highly sensitive and increasingly risky environments, beset by shaky political settlements and endemic lack of social trust. They must balance the short-term need for operational effectiveness with the long-term requirement of institution building. How can this be achieved and sustained? This event focuses on the key role of learning and knowledge sharing. The panel discussion will take stock of the ongoing debate on UN peacekeeping reform processes, highlight challenges as well as successes, and identify innovations, from the areas of rule of law, security sector reform, as well as arms control/management in peace operations

Partners: Small Arms Survey


About Geneva Peace Week 2018

Geneva Peace Week 2018 emphasizes the imperative of finding peaceful solutions to the growing risks of violent conflict, building on lessons from history and the needs for future peacebuilding practice. DCAF is co-organizing six events during Geneva Peace Week 2018 with a range of partner organizations drawn from International Geneva.