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6 November 2018

#GPW18: Integrating Gender Equality in Peacebuilding

When: 1430-1600

Venue: Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD), Conference Room 6A

This workshop aims to explore the role of gender in peacebuilding and provide entry points and practical examples of approaches to integrating gender equality in peacebuilding activities.

Participants will be presented with real-world scenarios and asked to apply different tools and strategies to find solutions to the challenges posed. The workshop will focus on the cross-cutting nature of gender and peace, exploring synergies between different areas of expertise of several organizations working in the human security sector in Geneva.

Partners: Gender and Diversity Hub


About Geneva Peace Week 2018

Geneva Peace Week 2018 emphasizes the imperative of finding peaceful solutions to the growing risks of violent conflict, building on lessons from history and the needs for future peacebuilding practice. DCAF is co-organizing six events during Geneva Peace Week 2018 with a range of partner organizations drawn from International Geneva.