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December 2, 2020 | 3:00 PM (CET)

Exploring Implications of the Use of Private Military and Security Companies on Libyan Oil Fields

This panel conference will explore the role of Private Military and Security Companies in the contemporary Libyan context, in particular with regard to their deployment on the grounds of oil production facilities, and the impact this has had on security sector governance. Panelists will discuss the existing legal frameworks – at both national and international levels – surrounding the regulation of private military and security services; the notion of due diligence of the oil sector in its procurement of such services; and the caveats for security sector reform & governance this may entail in the future. Simultaneous translation English -> Arabic will be provided.


   - Ehab Abdulgader, Director and COO, Petrogas
   - Tim Eaton, Senior Research Fellow, Chatham House
   - Mary Fitzgerald, Associate Fellow, ICSR
   - Jean-Michel Rousseau, Deputy Head, Business & Security Division, DCAF

   - Abigail Robinson, Programme Management Advisor, DCAF

Opening remarks:
   - Ayman Ayoub, Assistant Director and Head, Middle East & North Africa Division, DCAF


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