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Elsa Dazin

SSR Advisor and Head of Outreach, Advocacy and Knowledge Services, ISSAT

Elsa Dazin is an SSR Officer at ISSAT, supporting the organisation's efforts in implementing SSR programmes. She is responsible for research activities including the development of operational tools in the area of SSR programme design, assessment and monitoring and evaluation. She supports ISSAT’s coordination, communication and knowledge management strategies. Elsa also contributes to ISSAT's field missions, focusing on capacity development for national authorities, and work on SSR policy development.

Elsa's relevant experience in the field of development has been, as a Chargée de Mission, with the French Ministry of Economy's mission to Vietnam (ADETEF). Part of an international public sector reform expert group, she has been responsible for supporting through research and field missions the objectives of reinforcing the economic governance of the country and facilitating its insertion into international trade prior to its WTO accession.

As a Research Analyst and Gender Focal Point within the UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States, Elsa was responsible for knowledge management activities servicing 18 Arab States, providing technical support through lessons learnt, comparative experiences and knowledge collection and codification.

On mission with UNDP Crisis Prevention and Recovery Unit, as a Project Officer, Elsa was involved in the operations for the reconstruction and recovery of a refugee camp, mainly setting-up solid governance structures for conflict resolution and peace building among the concerned communities.

A graduate in Political and Administrative Sciences, Elsa has a Masters degree in Development and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Countries from Sciences Po. Bordeaux.