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From Commitment to Impact - Experiences from Local Working Groups on Business, Security and Human Rights


The study collects good practices and insights from a decade of experience in supporting multistakeholder platforms in business, security and human rights, in particular under the framework of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR). In-country working groups are a key driver of multistakeholder implementation and have been established in many contexts across the world. The study helps to understand the unique features of each implementation environment and how groups can successfully influence business, security and human rights standards and practice. The study and its accompanying guidance provide advice to governments, civil society, and companies on setting up groups, attracting buy-in and ensuring sustainability. The study will serve as key guidance for the creation and development of multistakeholder groups in VPSHR and in the business & human rights field.

The Southern African region has seen a rapid development and increased reliance on the private security company (PSC) industry, creating accountability gaps as legislation and regulatory capacities have not kept pace with the growth of the industry. In June 2019, DCAF and the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) gathered together with 30 participants from 13 States across Southern Africa to discuss the governance implications of the industry. The workshop discussed the establishment of a  a network of regulators to exchange on challenges and best practices and ensure more effective implementation of PSC regulations. See the workshop report here.

Together with expert consultant Sabele Gumedzo, DCAF has published an extensive research study on private security regulation in the Southern African region. The baseline study provides strong empirical research, analysing the scope of the sector, its challenges and the current challenges in regulation. With a set of recommendations, the baseline paves the way to reinforcing legislation and adapting policy frameworks in the whole Southern African region.