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Call for proposals - Creation of an online index/website

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For our Sub-Saharan Africa division, we are looking for an agency/consultant to help us: 

Create an online index / website

Location: Home-office or external company 
Starting date: May 2021


1. Creation and launch of the website (3 months)

2. Monthly maintenance and troubleshooting (5 months)

(with possible extension: yearly maintenance to be renegotiated each year)
Profile: Web development agency or web developer consultant

The remit of the web development agency/web developer consultant, here referred to as the provider, is to design and create a website, which will host an Index (monitor) and several data visualizations (including an interactive geographical map), and a CMS to fuel it.

The project aims to put in place a regional monitoring/evaluation system for the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) policy framework for security sector governance and reform (SSG/R), in order to promote its effective implementation by States in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger. The methodology applied to the regional monitoring/evaluation system will result in the creation of an interactive and digital tool: a numerical index for monitoring and evaluating the conformity of national legislation, policies, and practices with this framework, and its level of ownership.
The tool needs to meet several objectives: 
-    Be an easy-to-use, engaging reference in the field - we want to develop the loyalty of its users (researchers, partners (ASSN, RESDAL) and donors (Denmark)) with constantly updated content.
-    Act as a go-to site for DCAF activities in Sahel area.

Here is a typical model which we like for its visualizations and type of data : The Global Health Security Index,, in particular the interactive map and the country pages. 

A stand-alone, user-friendly, and accessible  website, efficient and innovative, allowing for a diversity of dynamic content
The following outputs are expected from the offer:
1.    A domain name is reserved, SSL certificate secured, and the hosting rental for a renewable period of one year is paid specific to the “Index”.
2.    A low-band website with dynamic content, in French and English
3.    Institutional information on the partners and DCAF are up to date.
4.    The “index” with its database (CMS), news, cartography, visualizations and charts are incorporated into the website. This database contains among other: charts and graphs related to scores and indicators, dashboards with the combinations of indicators and data points, maps of the sub-region (Sahel/Africa) and each country with scores, infographics on major findings and scores, and text explaining the scores.
5.    DCAF staff members are trained in the management of the site to ensure the management and updating of information.

-    Development of a site respecting best practice user experience and search engine optimization.
-    Presentation of wire frames for validation before build and design.
-    The hosting of the site is ensured, and the domain name acquired 
-    The design of the website is carried out following our brand guidelines, and existing look and feel of the DCAF’s official website (white label);
-    Data: 
o    The number of visualizations representing data per page will be 5 - this may take the form of an interactive map, a graph or copy, but with ease of understanding.
o    The number of represented countries (country pages) is 3;
o    The number of data points derived from measures of the indicators is 240 with an average of 24 measures per indicator, for 10 indicators.

-    The website is developed including the following sections:
o    a home page, including a direct link to the index database
o    a news column regarding the index including press reactions, launching events, country updates, etc.
o    a section about the partners, the purpose and ethics charts
o    a section presenting the methodology of the Index
o    a section about the ECOWAS framework
o    a section presenting databases per country with a map with digital dynamic content and interactive graphics
o    a section presenting results and annual report
o    a section presenting publishing knowledge products based on the index
o    The build needs to accommodate our evolving needs – i.e. the creation of new sections without it requiring additional development
Your expertise is required to design the best architecture and user experience to present these sections

-    The website is built in French and in English and versions, and pushed live
-    The provider must plan the creation of an online monthly monitoring dashboard based on Google Analytics, which will need to be set up.
-    Two members of DCAF staff are trained to manage and update the website.

Technical functionalities 
-    The CMS system generating the content will need to be built first, and populated with the data.
-    The website is white labelled to look like a continuation of the DCAF website in terms of branding.
-    Model: The Homepage must include a direct focus on the index. See for model example,  front page of the global Health Security Index,  
-    Creation of a brand: based on the idea that once the product is established it will become known as “Index ASSN-DCAF” with a specific logo, designed externally. 
-    Key data that will be included as visualizations into: 
o    Annual reports 
o    Text: Methodology with highlights
o    Interactive Maps with countries highlight 
o    Interactive Graphics
o    Blog with publications: position papers, newsletter, policy briefs…
o    Hyperlink to institutional websites
-    Pop-ups functionalities: 
o    summary
o    photos, maps, text
-    Documents needed to be loaded: 
o    Need to insert documents: pdf, .csv, .xls, .docx format.
o    Need to insert photos: .jpeg, .png format
o    Load video and audio files. 
-    Possible functionalities (to be determined)  
o    Forum 
o    Training session per video 

Intervention methodology/agenda
The methodology for setting up the site is divided into different chronological phases.
-    Application and interviews
-    Internal preparatory phase of the site structure
-    Elaboration of the preliminary model/mock-ups
-    Data integration
-    White labelling - Graphic design adaptation phase in collaboration with the DCAF coordination team
-    Test phase
-    Validation
-    Launch phase of the web site by the provider (July 2021)
-    Maintenance and update phase by the provider

If you feel you meet these criteria, please send your detailed response (PDF format) by email to with the subject line "Application Website Index - DCAF SSAD” by 19. May 2021. Please specify in the body of the email all the following information:

-    Your CV with the number of years of professional experience
-    Your methodology to deliver the project 
-    A proposition of timeline, taking into account a launch of the website in July 2021
-    A proposition of budget, within a total amount of 25.000 CHF
-    Examples of websites you have developed
-    If an agency, the team who will be working on the project, with CV.