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Alain Laferte

Project Coordinator, Gender and Security Division

Alain Laferte joined DCAF in 2015 as a Project Coordinator for the Gender and Security Programme in Eastern Europe. His work focuses primarily on designing and coordinating capacity-building projects aiming at providing gender-related technical assistance to security institutions.

In 2000, Alain was the first male ever appointed as Departmental Delegate for Women's rights and Gender equality within his homeland administration, in France. He was in charge of integrating gender perspective into all State policies implemented in the district of Pas-de-Calais (an area of 1,5M inhabitants). Since then, he has enriched his experience while working as a researcher at the University of Lille II (France), where he was responsible for evaluating the inner-city public policy from a gender perspective, and as a long-term Resident Gender Advisor in the framework of EU projects aiming at enhancing gender equality in Slovakia (2005-06), in Estonia (2007-2008) and more recently in Azerbaijan (2011-2013).  

Alain holds post-graduate degrees both in political science and in organizational consulting. He also obtained a 'gender audit facilitator' certificate by the ILO in 2009.

Alain speaks French, English and some Slovak.