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Creating a safer environment for sustainable development
"The DCAF program practically laid the foundations of the major reform and today we have the product, which is a self-standing and independent ANB that works exclusively on principles and norms that are known and respected in the intelligence world."
Slavjanka Petrovska, State Advisor in the Ministry of Interior
Republic of North Macedonia
Driving innovation in policy and practice
"DCAF‘s scholarship, its unwavering focus in promoting good governance in the security sector, and its neutrality on the political dynamics of states created for itself a positive reputation and stature in the international community. Being associated, hence with DCAF is not only affirming but also invites confidence from stakeholders."
Dr. Jennifer Santiago Oreta,
Director of the Ateneo Initiative for Southeast Asian Studies,
Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines
Promoting good governance of the security sector
"Our partnership with DCAF has helped us to be considered as leading experts in security sector governance amongst civil society organizations. Thanks to this credibility, we can develop new programmes and we hope to continue doing it with DCAF."
Habib Belkouch, President,
Center for Law and Democracy Studies, Morocco
Strengthening global support for better security sector reform
"With an amazing team DCAF was there not only to deliver standard training and events, but also to listen to our needs, and deliver tailored support based on these in a very short time, despite the difficulties that the current pandemic situation has caused."
Rexhion Qafa, Directorate of AL-CSIRT,
National Authority on Electronic Certification and Cyber Security, Albania
Promoting gender equality for inclusive security
"We strongly recommend a partnership with DCAF to benefit from the commitment and expertise of its staff, as well as its considerable contribution in the area of governance and prevention of corruption."
Slim Ben Jrad, Director General for Governance and Prevention of Corruption,
Tunisian Prime Minister’s Office
THANK YOU to our generous friends and partners who have made DCAF's work possible over the years.

20 years of DCAF

In 2000, at a ceremony in Geneva, the President of the Swiss Confederation, Adolf Ogi, and founding Director of DCAF, Dr. Theodor Winkler, signed our Founding Act. Twenty-two states and the Canton of Geneva joined Switzerland in forming DCAF’s first Foundation Council. 

In the 20 years since, DCAF has become a globally recognized and respected ‘think and do tank’, providing expertise to security sector reform and governance initiatives in more than 80 countries. Our Foundation Council now has 63 member states, and we have more than 200 staff working in Geneva and 13 field offices on four continents. 

This year we celebrate these 20 years of innovation in policy and practice. 20 years of strengthening support for good governance. 20 years of helping to lay the foundation for peace and sustainable development. 

Read our Director's message.


Advise. Promote. Reform.

Over our first 20 years the concept of security sector governance and reform has matured into a more expansive vision that includes not just security forces and their institutions, but parliamentarians, civil society organizations, and the media. DCAF now works with all these stakeholders, creating original knowledge products, promoting norms and good practices, providing policy advice, and supporting capacity building.

Our Member States and field offices