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Tool 2: Security Sector Reform Programming
Ornella Moderan
Mpako Foaleng, Amadou Mahamane Ousmane
Security Sector Governance in the Tunisian Constitution of 27 January 2014
Wided Boujeh, Nassreddine Harzallah, Arnold Luethold, Jean-Michel Rousseau
Cecile Guy
Training needs assessment report: Strengthening Financial Oversight Institutions in the Palestinian Security Sector
Intisar Abu Khalaf, Regula Kaufmann, Arnold Luethold, German Reyes Suarez, Jane Rice, Zoltan Venczel
Assessing Community Safety in the Governorate of Jenin
Mirvat Afeef, Wafa’ Afeef, Sana’ Badawi, Hassan Fheid, Peter Homel, Fatima Itawi, Regula Kaufmann, Arnold Luethold, Nicolas Masson, Omar Rahhal, Jane Rice, Zoltan Venczel, Rabee’ Yassin, Dia’ Zgheibi
Capacity Development and Ombuds Institutions for the Armed Forces
Hans Born, Benjamin S. Buckland, William McDermott
Working Paper: Amending the Regulatory Framework for Handling Palestinian Citizens' Complaints
Fatima Itawi, Saša Janković, Regula Kaufmann, Arnold Luethold, Nicolas Masson, Ahmad Odeh, Jane Rice, Kamel Rimawi, Zoltan Venczel
The Role of the Media in SSG: Tool 6 - Social Media and Security Sector Governance
Lena Odgaard Bjornsen, Dawoud Hammudeh, Nicolas Masson, John McAndrew
The Role of the Media in SSG: Tool 3 - Media Freedom and Security Sector Governance
Mahmoud Alawneh, Bertil Cottier, Nicolas Masson, John McAndrew
Controles Democráticos del Sistema de Seguridad en el Ámbito Legislativo
Valentín Guzmán Soto, Philipp Fluri, Ma. Patricia González Chávez
Developing a Community Safety Plan for Hebron
Fareed A'mer, Roland Friedrich, Peter Homel, Fatima Itawi, Ibrahim Jaradat, Regula Kaufmann, Arnold Luethold, Nicolas Masson, Omar Rahhal, Haitham Al-Sharif, Mayada Zeidani
Security post-2014: what role for the EU and NATO?
Giji Gya
NATO Parliamentary Assembly, European Parliament and DCAF
Palestinian Draft Law on Access to Information: Bringing access to information legislation in line with international civil-democratic standards
Riham Abu Aita, Bilal Al-Barghouthi, Professor Bertil Cottier, Roland Friedrich, Fatima Itawi, Regula Kaufmann, Arnold Luethold, Nicolas Masson, Ala Matarea, Moussa Rimawi, Fadi Touma, Moussa Rimawi, Mohamed Abu Arqoub, Majed Arouri, Bilal Al-Barghouthi, Ahmed Hammad