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DCAF’s engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) strives to strengthen citizen security and contribute to a democratic, just and violence free society by addressing security sector governance issues in the region in cooperation with governments, parliaments, security sector providers, intergovernmental and civil society organisations. DCAF promotes the application of good governance principles to help reduce institutional weakness and develop effective, efficient and transparent security and justice providers that are properly managed and overseen by the executive and legislative authorities in the region while being fully accountable to their societies.

DCAF’s areas of engagement in LAC include private security sector legislation and regulation, small arms and light weapons control, accountability in the private security sector, promotion of gender equality in security institutions as well as backstopping to the security sector reform and violence prevention program of the SDC in Honduras. These efforts will be continued and expanded by the newly established LAC Unit in adherence to the broader Sustainable Development Goals of Gender Equality, Sustainable Cities and Communities and Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

Our Programmes

Contributing to a democratic, just, and violence free society.