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Police Support in South East Europe


Effective, efficient and accountable police play a vital role in ensuring the security of the State and the safety of its citizens. DCAF promotes democratic policing principles and aims to support countries in developing and maintaining police services that are functional, accountable and governed by the rule of law.  In its police support programmes for South East Europe, DCAF works with requesting countries to assist them in their efforts to develop and sustain police services that operate according to national and international law, human rights standards and good policing practices. DCAF projects in the area of police support aim to contribute to national security sector reform efforts.

Areas of work

The Police Support Programme works in three areas:


Police Co-operation in South East Europe

In strengthening police co-operation, DCAF supports the implementation of the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe; assists in capacity building to fight serious and organised crime in the Western Balkans through the Swiss Regional Police Cooperation Programme and works to promote border police cooperation between States.

Improving Management Capacities in Public Administration

In accordance with wider public administration reform efforts, DCAF is supporting the development of Strategic Management and Human Resources Management capacities in the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia.

Police Integrity Building

Through the Police Integrity Building Programme, DCAF works to ensure that the police services operate under a framework of democratic accountability and integrity.


Types of activities

Police activities include the provision of expertise, training seminars and workshops; as well as manuals for practitioners. DCAF ensures comprehensive and inclusive police support through its co-operation with other stakeholders and partner organisations.


15.12.2016 Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia: The PCC SEE Committee of Ministers met in Brdo pri Kranju for the 16th time in its statutory capacity of the highest PCC SEE decision-making body. Ministers of home affairs and authorised representatives from the Contracting Parties acknowledged the completed drafting of the documents on automated exchange of data and committed to begin with the formal procedures for official negotiations and signing.

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Paulo Costa

Head of Police Programme, Southeast Europe Division


Anton Travner, MSc

Director of DCAF Ljubljana and DCAF Border Security Programme for Southeast Europe


Marc Remillard

Programme Manager, Southeast Europe Division