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Framework Project - Fostering Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector in the Western Balkans



The Framework Project supports national parliaments from the Western Balkans region in fulfilling their constitutional role as legislative and oversight bodies in the field of security and defence. Launched in February 2012, the project has a planned duration of 36 months.

The Framework Project is funded by a 3-year grant from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Bi-lateral and regional activities

Bilateral programme track: DCAF offers tailor-made assistance to individual parliamentary committees which hold competency over security sector (mainly defence and security committees, and intelligence oversight committees). Parliamentary committees receive support to develop an independent capacity for policy analysis, legislation development and effective oversight. Encouraging the harmonisation of national laws, procedures, and practices to European standards is central to the project.

Regional programme track: DCAF provides a platform for sharing experiences, practices, and lessons learned from security sector governance and reform efforts across the Western Balkans, with the aim of fostering cooperation and confidence across the entire region.

Examples of activites

  • Raise awareness about international norms and good practices
  • Disseminate knowledge products and good practices
  • Training and skills development
  • Study visits abroad
  • Assessments of parliamentary capacity and legislation
  • Committee Hearings of international experts
  • Support regional networking, dialogue and cooperation
  • Advice on policy documents and legislation
  • Task forces on legislation

Long-term sustainability

To ensure long-term sustainability of project results, a variety of national stakeholders are included in project activities: civil society organisations, media, and independent oversight bodies with a role in the protection of human rights or in the financial audit of state budget execution.


Antje Fritz

Deputy Head of Southeast Europe Division


Teodora Fuior

Project Coordinator, Southeast Europe Division


Marc Remillard

Programme Manager, Southeast Europe Division