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DCAF Ljubljana: Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe (PCC)


DCAF hosts the permanent secretariat of the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe (PCC), which has been ratified to date by eleven countries, at its regional office in Ljubljana. It acts as a technical expert body with the mandate to assist and support the Contracting Parties in implementation and applying the provisions of the PCC. Under the auspices of the chairing Contracting Party, rotating on a 6-month basis, the national experts from the Contracting Parties participate in various thematic working groups, established by a common desire to strengthen cooperation in various fields covered by the PCC. As a result of these working groups, the national experts have prepared 14 harmonised curricula on PCC-related matters, successfully launched the exchange of information regarding forged and fake travel documents, and participated in the first mutual evaluation in the area of data protection under the provisions of PCC. As part of its work assisting the Contracting Parties, the PCC Secretariat has also established fruitful cooperation with the EU Council Secretariat and the European Commission DG of Justice and Home Affairs, as well as agencies such as CEPOL, FRONTEX, EUROPOL and EUROJUST. The latter two agreed that their manual on joint investigation teams be included in the PCC Manual, a reference book developed by the PCC Secretariat with the aim of providing methodological guidelines and practical tips.  In 2011, the PCC Contracting Parties mandated the PCC Secretariat to participate in the "Post-visa Liberalisation Monitoring Mechanism for the Western Balkan countries", established by the European Commission, further confirming EU’s recognition of the PCC and its contribution to a complementary approach to security in the neighbouring SEE region. In 2013, the PCC will be chaired by the Republic of Albania, in the first half of the year, and the Republic of Austria, in the second. The calendar of events and other useful information can be found on the PCC Secretariat's homepage (www.pccseesecretariat.si).


Anton Travner, MSc

Director of DCAF Ljubljana and DCAF Border Security Programme for Southeast Europe