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DCAF Border Security Programme


The DCAF Border Security Programme supports the governments of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia in establishing modern border security organisations. Countries receive comprehensive assistance, ranging from national capacity-building to the development of regional cooperation mechanisms.  The Programme has been designed under the mandate of the Ministers of Interior of the participating countries who meet every year to review progress and provide guidelines for implementation. The DCAF Border Security Programme engages in its different activities ministers, chiefs of border police, border police officers and experts allowing them to exchange best practices, identify regional needs and build mutual trust.


The DCAF Border Security Programme aims to:

  • strengthen the capacity of border police services to engage in cross-border cooperation which in turn will help strengthen regional security;
  • build the capacity of border police services to fulfil EU membership requirements in the field of border security.


The new Regional Action Plan for 2012-2015 for the Border Security Programme which was developed by chiefs of border police and endorsed by the countries’ relevant ministers in 2012, aims to facilitate institutional changes and to tackle security challenges falling under the responsibility of border police organisations.

The Action Plan identifies three activity areas:

  • Schengen Integration: providing specific training to border police services to build their capacities and contribute to EU membership and Schengen integration processes.
  • Education and Training: enhancing the effectiveness of the police forces by conducting joint trainings and transferring knowledge on European cooperation instruments and mechanisms.
  • Common and Coordinated Measures: facilitating the preparation and conduct of regional joint activities and operations in the areas of crime prevention, fight against organized crime and in tackling the problem of illegal migration.


Synergies with other regional programmes

The DCAF Border Security Programme provides support to countries to assist them with implementing their obligations related to regional border police cooperation under the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe (PCC SEE). The Programme also closely coordinates its activities with relevant regional actors as well as with FRONTEX, EUROPOL and other EU agencies.


Anton Travner, MSc

Director of DCAF Ljubljana and DCAF Border Security Programme for Southeast Europe


Jelka Klemenc, MA

Project Coordinator, DCAF Ljubljana