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DCAF’s activities in the Asia region comprise the following projects:

At the regional level, the Inter-Parliamentary Forum on Security Sector Governance (IPF-SSG)   promotes dialogue between Southeast Asian parliamentarians, with the intention of increasing civilian oversight, public accountability and national parliamentary involvement in security sector governance.

In Nepal, with funding from four donor nations, DCAF has worked with local partners to enhance the oversight and legislative role of the Parliament and supports the Constituent Assembly, as well as providing technical expertise to other key stakeholders of the security sector, ranging from civil society to security providers.

In Indonesia, with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, DCAF has worked with local partners to implement multi-year parliamentary and civil society capacity building programmes on democratic security sector oversight issues.

Selected Publications

Yuji Uesugi (Ed.), Peacebuilding and Security Sector Governance in Asia, DCAF 2014.
Covering Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Timor-Leste, these case studies explore the relevance of security sector governance and reform for political transition, democratisation and peace-building in Asia. Examining the prospects for security sector governance within each case through the lens of political reconciliation, government legitimacy, civil-military relations and democratic accountability, the authors study issues of political will, local/national ownership and the influence of external actors in domestic reform contexts.