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UNOG-DCAF Annual Seminar Series

Since 2003, DCAF and the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) organize a series of joint annual events on different aspects of security sector governance. These seminars and panel discussions are aimed at raising awareness on the complexities and challenges of security sector governance among the Geneva-based diplomatic community, United Nations entities and non-governmental organizations. The events are held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

UNOG - DCAF Annual Seminars on SSR / SSG

2003 Security Sector Reform: its relevance for conflict prevention, peacebuilding and development

2004 State and human security in the 'age of terrorism': the role of Security Sector Reform

2005 Post-conflict reconstruction of the security sector: the role of the United Nations

2006 Security Sector Reform in post-conflict peacebuilding: a closer partnership between the United Nations and regional organisations

2007 Nuclear weapons: governance and accountability

2008 The United Nations and Security Sector Reform: a year on from the Security Council open debate

2008 Meeting the security challenges of today while upholding human rights standards

2009 Security sector in Africa : the role and contribution of the United Nations

2010 Women, peace and security: from resolution to action. Ten years of Security Council Resolution 1325

2011 Privatization of Security: International Standards and Accountability