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UN and Regional Approaches to SSR

DCAF is supporting Slovakia and other partner countries in the organisation of a series of international workshops on regional experiences with, and perspectives on, SSR with a view to contributing to the development of the UN's emerging approach to SSR.

DCAF work in this area can be traced back to 2006-2007 when it assisted the efforts of Slovakia to table SSR on the Security Council's agenda. A key result was the adoption of a statement by the President of the Security Council in February 2007 calling for a report by the Secretary-General on SSR, and welcoming the initiative to organise a regional workshop on SSR in Africa.

Following the success of the first workshop held in Cape Town, a further two workshops were organised in Jakarta and in Buenos Aires. Each workshop has resulted in a co-chairs statement summarising the main lessons the region offers for engaging in SSR and related activities, as well as recommendations for enhancing partnerships with the UN. The co-chairs statements are registered as official UN documents (see the resources tab).

List of workshops

  • The International Workshop on Enhancing United Nations Support for Security Sector Reform in Africa: Towards an African Perspective was co-organised by Slovakia and South Africa in Cape Town on 7-8 November 2007.
  • The International Workshop on Contributing to the UN Approach to SSR: Insights from Latin America and the Caribbean was co-hosted by Slovakia and Argentina in Buenos Aires on 28-29 September 2009.
  • The International Workshop on The Role of the United Nations in Peacekeeping and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: Towards an ASEAN Perspective was co-hosted by Slovakia and Indonesia in Jakarta on 29-30 March 2010.