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Security Sector Reform and Development

Other Publications

Albrecht Schnabel,  Andres Antillano, Indira C. Granda Alviarez and Yves Pedrazzini, “Operationalising Human Security in an Urban Setting: The Experience of Caracas”, in Urs Wiesmann, Hans Hurni et al. eds., Research for Sustainable Development: Foundations, Experiences, and Perspectives, Perspectives of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South, University of Bern, Vol. 6, Bern: Geographica Bernensia, 2011, pp. 607-621, available at:  http://www.nccr-north-south.unibe.ch/document/document.asp?ID=7704&Context=nccr&contextID=&refTitle=the%20NCCR%20North-South.