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Private Security in the Western Balkans

Promoting effective regulation of the domestic private security industry is one of the core priorities of DCAF’s work in the field of private security governance. In June 2014, DCAF launched a groundbreaking programme in the Western Balkans which brings together researchers from DCAF and four partner organisations in the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe to develop research outputs on private security company (PSC) regulation in Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Serbia.

The main aims of the project are the following:

  • to identify gaps and challenges in PSC regulation in the target countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Serbia) and develop general recommendations on PSC institutional and regulatory frameworks
  • to raise awareness of shortcomings in PSC regulatory frameworks and engage in informed discussions about the regulation of PSCs through outreach events targeting policy-makers, PSCs, civil society organisations and other relevant national and regional stakeholders

Recent activities

  • 2nd workshop (Albania, September 2014): Project partners gathered in Albania to agree on definitions and discuss the outline of the first two products (a mapping study and a legal and policy analysis of the private security industry). The agenda of the workshop is available here.
  • 1st workshop (Geneva, June 2014): The three-year project kicked off with an initial gathering of the project partners in Geneva, where the objectives of the project were discussed at length, as well as the research methodology. The agenda of the workshop is available here.

Further information can be found here.