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NATO Parliamentary Assembly

DCAF has cooperated extensively with the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) since 2001 on issues related to parliamentary oversight of the security sector in NATO and Partnership for Peace (PfP) nations.

Cooperation focuses on several platforms including inputs to and support for various Rose-Roth seminars held in PfP nations, professional development events for New Parliamentarians from PfP nations, joint conferences in Brussels on current security governance issues, the joint development of knowledge products, and the participation of NATO-PA staff as resource persons and keynote speakers at DCAF events.

Events in cooperation with the NATO PA are supported by a series of knowledge products made available in a large range of languages (see the list of publications above). The joint publication on ‘Oversight and Guidance’, focused on best practices of parliamentary control of the defence and security sector in NATO member and partner states, was recently re-edited in English, and is now also available in Arabic, French, Russian, and Ukrainian. A further evolution of the product is planned to address additional challenges faced by NATO partners.

DCAF also liaises with NATO-PA on other NATO programming including gender and stabilisation issues.