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International Intelligence Cooperation and Accountability

International cooperation between national security and intelligence services represents one of most significant challenges to security sector accountability today. The proliferation of transnational threats has necessitated increased international cooperation among intelligence and security agencies. Yet, information sharing and other forms of cooperation have significant implications for human rights and therefore demand robust external oversight. However, oversight and review bodies face significant difficulties in holding intelligence and security services to account for their cooperation with foreign partners.
Against this backdrop, this project aims to:

  • Identify and analyse challenges to accountability posed by intelligence cooperation in different domains (including information sharing, rendition, weapons inspections, prosecutions by international tribunals blacklisting);
  • Analyse the role of domestic and international oversight bodies in holding services to account for these activities; and
  • Develop strategies for strengthening the accountability of international intelligence cooperation.

DCAF has completed the first phase of the project with the publication of the edited volume: International Intelligence Cooperation and Accountability. The Centre is currently developing a policy guide on the oversight of international intelligence cooperation.

This project is supported by the Norwegian Parliamentary Intelligence Oversight Committee (EOS-Utvalget)