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Gender and Security Sector Reform Capacity Building

DCAF undertakes a broad range of gender and SSR capacity building activities with security sector institutions, civil society organisations, regional and international organisations, and development donors. DCAF's gender and SSR training is practical and participatory, involving interactive discussions, small group work, case study analysis and practical exercises. DCAF also produces resources for gender and SSR training, and supports the integration of gender into SSR-related training.

Over 2011and 2012, DCAF has developed a gender and SSR capacity building project targeting SSR training institutions from the Global South. The project aims to increase the capacity among SSR training institutions and trainers in the Global South to integrate gender in their SSR and SSG training and education programmes.

As part of this project, DCAF has partnered with three institutions so far: Al-Istiqlal University (formerly the Palestinian Academy of Security Studies) in Jericho; the South Africa National Defence Forces; and the Southern African Defence and Security Management Network (SADSEM). The project includes support for gender institutional and curriculum assessments, guidance on developing curricula, and assistance on train-the-trainer workshops.

Gender & Security Sector Reform Training Resource Package

Through 2009 and 2010, DCAF progressively released the Gender & SSR Training Resource Package , a series of practical materials to help integrate gender in SSR training and to deliver effective gender training to SSR audiences. It contains a wide range of training exercises, discussion topics and examples from the ground that can be used in SSR training. It also includes a guide to integrating gender issues into the entire SSR training cycle, from conducting a training needs assessment to monitoring and evaluation. The package, in English and French, is available only in electronic form, and is supported by an interactive Gender & SSR Training website: www.gssrtraining.ch.

For further information please contact: gender@dcaf.ch