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DCAF/EU Cooperation on Gender Issues

As the integration of gender in peacekeeping and stability operations has become a priority for the EU, the need for capacity-building and external expertise has grown accordingly. DCAF has had a prominent role in shaping the approach to security sector reform of the presidencies of France, Sweden and Belgium, through individual meetings, input into strategic planning documents and participation in symposia and seminars organised by the rotating presidency and the EU Commission. In September 2010, DCAF helped the Belgian presidency to organise a conference in Geneva on occasion of the 10th anniversary of UNSC Resolution 1325, and in June 2011, it facilitated a similar conference on gender and security sector reform for the Hungarian Presidency.

DCAF has also supported the integration of gender in EU CSDP missions through its participation in the 1325 EU Partnership and other initiatives such as a 2007 gender and ESDP course organised by the Hungarian Ministry of Defence in Budapest. In addition, the NGO ISIS Europe hosted the launch of the gender and security sector reform (GSSR) Toolkit in May 2008 with the participation of prominent Commission officials. Also in May 2008 the toolkit was introduced during a public hearing organised by the European Parliament's commissions on development and on women's rights and gender equality. Finally, in September 2008 the Toolkit was introduced on invitation of the CIVCOM committee.

As the EU adopted its comprehensive approach to UNSCR 1325 and 1820, DCAF participated in several conferences, seminars and working groups to plan implementation and identify performance indicators. The participation included including high-level conferences in October 2008 and 2009, as well as two seminars on how to build the capacity of ESDP missions in gender and SSR.
In 2008 the EU Commission mandated DCAF and ISIS Europe to organise a series of three roundtables on gender and SSR for EU staff responsible for the development of SSR policy and programming. Held over 2009, the roundtables aimed at building the capacities of EU Commission, ESDP, Council of the EU and experts from ESDP field missions, to integrate gender in their security work. In 2010, DCAF participated in different follow-up events and capacity-building workshop with the EU Commission.