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DCAF Activities in Central Asia

DCAF's projects in Central Asia work to improve public security provision and develop the capacity of democratic institutions to perform oversight tasks. Past activities have been implemented in cooperation with parliaments, ministries, ombuds institutions, civil society, regional and international organisations, frequently with a focus on regional cooperation. DCAF’s current activities focus mainly on human rights, parliamentary oversight, defence reform, law enforcement reform, ombuds institutions (at national and institutional levels), civil society organisations and ‘Building Integrity’ issues.

Most recently, DCAF has also expanded cooperation with the State Great Khural (Parliament) of Mongolia democratic institutions and security sector actors with a view to sustaining longer term cooperation. Cooperation with Kyrgyzstan has also been sustained on a number of security governance issues. In this context, DCAF also cooperates closely with the OSCE Centre in Bishkek on democratic governance, crisis management and defence reform –related issues. With sponsorship from MoD Switzerland, an Almanac on Kyrgyzstan’s Security Sector is due for publication in 2013.

Kyrgyzstan was the first Central Asian state to join DCAF in 2011, with Kazakhstan assuming permanent observer status in 2012.

Previously, in cooperation with UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre, DCAF worked with Central Asian parliamentarians on regional democratic oversight capacity building issues. DCAF also assessed the ongoing capacity development needs of the Central Asian States and provided relevant programming within the context of the Partnership Action Plan-Defence Institution Building (PAP-DIB) programme. Over the last years, DCAF has also liaised with ODIHR on the issue of Human Rights in the Armed Forces in Central Asia. Other activities have included cooperation with the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, as well as the Commonwealth of Independent States Parliamentary Assembly, and OSCE national offices.