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Assistance Programme: Palestine

DCAF has been present in the Palestinian Territories since 2005. It assists Palestinians in developing effective, and efficient, security and justice providers, which:

  • deliver security to the Palestinian people in a transparent manner, and in line with their security needs,
  • are properly overseen, and controlled, by both the Palestinian Legislative Council and the Palestinian National Authority,
  • are fully accountable to the Palestinian people and their elected leaders.

To this effect, DCAF works with five target groups:

  • Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC)
  • Executive authorities
  • Judiciary
  • Civil society
  • Police and security forces

In support of its long-term assistance programme to Palestinian security sector reform (SSR), DCAF maintains an office in Ramallah. DCAF provides its partners with comparative and policy advice, and research, promotes inclusive approaches and processes to Palestinian SSR, and conducts various capacity building programmes.

DCAF’s main areas of work in Palestine:

DCAF supports the strengthening of mechanisms that allow citizens to submit complaints about misconduct or violations of citizens’ rights by public institutions and security agencies.

Strengthening Citizens’ Complaints Mechanisms

DCAF works with the local governorates, security providers and civil society to map local security concerns, establish local community safety councils, and formulate and implement strategies for addressing insecurity.

Developing Community Safety

DCAF works to develop the capacity of Palestinian security sector representatives and civil servants to conduct financial oversight in the security agencies in an effective and transparent fashion.

Financial Oversight in the Security Sector

DCAF works on gender and good security sector governance in Palestine. Its work is based on Palestinian requests to enhance the involvement of women in security sector reform and address the specific security needs of women and men when developing policies, strategies, legislation and budgets.

Gender and Security

The Palestinian Authority lacks a coherent legislative system that properly manages and oversees the security forces and sector. In order to improve security sector governance, DCAF has been supporting the PA in developing civil-democratic legislation for the security sector.

Legislating for the Security Sector

DCAF supports the oversight role of Palestinian media in the security sector and assisted in developing civil-democratic legal frameworks for the media. It supports the legislative and capacity-development of Palestinian media, including social media, through training of journalists, networking and transparency initiatives.

Media and Security Sector Governance




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