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Asylum, Migration and Counter-Trafficking in Human Beings


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Migration is increasing in its intensity and diversity worldwide. Trafficking in human beings (THB) is on the rise in Europe and is only 2nd to drug trade as the biggest source of illicit profits for criminals. In line with its philosophy and work on democracy, security, governance and the rule-of-law, DCAF engages in the fight against and prevention of THB and to address asylum and irregular migration from a security sector governance and human rights perspective since 2006. In 2009, with the Austrian National Defence Academy and Ministry of Defence and Sports, DCAF published Strategies Against Human Trafficking: The Role of the Security Sector, which still remains a definitive text today.

Under the Thematic Fund Security Swiss-Romanian and Swiss-Bulgarian Cooperation Programmes 2011-2018, DCAF back-stops the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation to support projects to prevent THB and improve identification, assistance to and protection of victims as well as to build the capacity of immigration authorities to deal with irregular migration and asylum seekers. DCAF also supports research on THB and works on migration within DCAF’s operations on Border Police and on gender.

The Migration and the Security Sector Paper Series – commenced in 2013 and investigates and analyses security sector aspects of migration, asylum and trafficking in human beings. It began with Migration and Security in the Eastern Mediterranean and followed with the paper Human Trafficking, Border Security and Related Corruption in the EU. In 2014, Trafficking in Human Beings in Ukraine was published. In 2015, the series presented a country analysis of the UK, Countering Human Trafficking: The UK’s Efforts and further papers will be published on Counter-trafficking in Southeast Europe.

DCAF is part of a an interdisciplinary research consortium of nine partners, that in 2013 received EU funding for a 3.5 year research project on Addressing Demand in Anti-Trafficking Efforts and Policies.

DCAF cooperates with different stakeholders working to address trafficking in human beings, such as:

with presenters from EUROPOL, UNHCR, OHCHR, the office of the OSCE Special Representative on Trafficking in Human Beings, the Anti-trafficking Coordinator of INTERPOL, the Head of KSMM Fedpol Switzerland, the anti-trafficking unit of the Canton of Geneva, cantonal police in Switzerland, various government representatives and research institutions, NGOs and civil society.

DCAF experts were also invited to the 2nd INTERPOL Global Trafficking in Human Beings Conference in 2013, 2014 and the Europol THB Expert Meeting in 2014.