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Interparliamentary Union

DCAF has worked with the IPU since 2001 to innovate knowledge products that enable democratic institutions to perform a substantive role in security sector oversight.

DCAF and the IPU jointly created the DCAF-IPU Handbook for Parliamentarians on Oversight of the Security Sector, a landmark text on the role of parliamentarians in security sector governance. The book, a key knowledge product underpinning all of DCAF's outreach programming in the last decade, has since been translated into 39 languages. To see a list of the languages and download a copy please click here .

Since then, DCAF has regularly cooperated with the IPU through participation in annual and regional meetings, supporting meetings which focus on security governance in particular, sharing information on security governance initiatives, and managing the DCAF-IPU Handbook translations and publication cycle.
Since 2009, DCAF has attended IPU General Assemblies as an official observer and the IPU has received Permanent Observer status on the DCAF Foundation Council.